I have a couple of hobbies that I enjoy doing! My favorite one is snowboarding, however, I obviously can't do that year-round so I have other hobbies as well. I grew up in New Hampshire so I started skiing at 2 years old then I switched to snowboarding at 8 years old! In January I'm going to Utah with my family for a family ski trip.




When I'm not snowboarding, I enjoy taking photos! In high school I took a photography course where I learned how to develop film and take photos on a film camera. Now I mainly use my iPhone to take pictures but I just recently splurged on a Canon. Down below are some pictures I've taken on my iPhone recently.


Most recently I have added traveling as a hobby of mine! It started with traveling to Madrid in January of 2019, then I went to Mexico in June and most recently Paris and London in August. Next is St. Maarten in early December followed by Amsterdam and Brussels for New Years. Below are some photos from my recent travels!